There are 2 reasons why we call “Orea Hellas”, an “historic” place:

i. Historic it is, because after a century of absence as “Orea Hellas” on “Ermou and Aiolou street”, in 1980, it re-opened its doors to the Athenian people and the visitors of the capital, as part of Hellenic Tradition Center, which also functioned at the same year on Mitropoleos street in Monastiraki. It took its name “Orea Hellas” with the vision to continue spreading the spirit and the atmosphere of the original cafe. The contribution of many artists, honoring and marching the tradition of our land, as well as the personality and determination of the president of the Greek Tradition Center, Mr Panagiotis Gerolimatos, resulted in its’ success.

The second reason concerns the historicity of the cafe itself. Approximately, we would say, operates side by side and continues with the kneading of the heart and the position of the patrons themselves during 36 years to date. We would “dare” to say that “the stamp of our café are the regulators themselves”. The modern side of “Orea Hellas” has already recorded history. Today the cafe has been “modernized”, by multiplying the hours that works. It opens at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 02:00 after midnight.

Also, it has been updated in the offered delicacies, exploiting Greek cuisine and tradition. The cafe unwinds in the whole space and the outside, where you can see the exhibits of traditional art. You can have your coffee or your delicacies in the balcony, next to the poplers, that irrigate from the river Iridano. Furthermore, the cafe with great joy and even greater sense of responsibility, in the Summer of 2016, extended its’ operation at the ground floor of the building with tables in the ex Dimopratiriou square, on Mitropoleos 59 street. The entrance from Pandrosou street is located on the number 36.

“Orea Hellas” forms an integral part of the “Greek Tradition Center”, which promotes and highlights the Greek civilization till 2014, when the “cultural group” functioned, organizing cultural issues.

We indicatively mention some of the events, which have already taken place: Book presentations, philosophic speeches, historic speeches, theatrical performances, musical performances, presentation choirs, film nights, amateur singers’ gatherings, support to projects and activities referred to the timelessness and universality of our culture and we aspire to become good hosts to travelers’ groups of the historic center.

Finally, the Cultural Group, “guides” on its’ own responsibility at all Greek Delivery Centre and Cafe patrons, visitors, friends and travellers. The annual program of cultural events is routed -in broad lines- during the summer. The recommendations of friends and patrons are welcome.

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