From 1980s till now

100 years later, the cafe reappears, into the social horizon of the city. The entrances are on Mitropoleos 59 street or on Pandrosou 36 street, near by the Monastiraki station.

It’s located inside the building of Greek Tradition Center on the first floor. Its re-establishment aims to the reviving of “Orea Hellas” as it was, to the atmosphere and the cultural climate of that cafe.

This is the place, where the elder Athenians find whatever is lost from the old cafe and the young ones discover a different environment, with references to tradition and the spectacular view of Acropolis and Plaka, above the roofs of Pandrosou street. In the landscape outdoors -on the balcony- those who are regular customers admire the former square Dimopratiriou, full of plants and cool breeze.

The whole atmosphere is overwhelmed with Hellenism evidence from the history of Romiosini (= greek word – Romios means Ellinas, so Romiosini is the noun). Lithographs, Engravings, paintings, photographs, drawings and papers decorate the place, completing the interior decoration: Stone, marble, bronze, wood…

The cafe was created with the help of artists and crafters of our folk culture. The painter and cutter Nikos Gialouris was the editor of the signal and the cafe’s logo. The stonemasonries were made from Giannis Fitros and his sons. Giannis Fitros was working with Dimitris Pikionis (architect).

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