The culture and Greek tradition of “Orea Hellas”

A few words for the cultural group of this historic cafe

“Kafeneion” (=café) according to our tradition, is people’s gathering place, where talking for politics or social issues is necessary under the smell of a coffee -made in ember- and a friendly (if not homely) atmosphere. The cafes as gathering places were first created in Ancient years, in Agora. The statute of cafes after the Ottoman got stronger and the cafes were multiplied. One of the first cafe was the original “Orea Hellas” on the symbolic Ermou & Aiolou street, where golden history was written as a place “attached to Parliament” from 1839 till 1860… That was also the place, where the intellect and the spiritual world gathered. There were intense discussions on the policy mix and very often the cafe was a meeting place for starting rallies by the youth of Athens.

The reopening of “Orea Hellas” in 1960 as an integral part in the “beating heart” of the Center of Greek Tradition, which was the inspiration of the restless and tireless guardian of our cultural heritage, came true thanks to Mr Panagiotis Gerolimatos.

Therefore, “Orea Hellas” represents a very important cultural operator, which seeks the continuation of tradition.

But tradition requires new acts, otherwise remains blank – empty. So that is the reason why our cafe insists on giving a “heads up” in culture by every means. The delight of cafe, the preparing of meals with guide the Greek traditions, the entertainment with the best quality in Greek music (or international with strict criteria also), the organizing of cultural activities and special events (our new department will be for cinema), the way that our cafe will be our citizens favorite haunt, who betake themselves to the culture knowing that “Orea Hellas” is “Orea” (=Beautiful) only with culture.

Of course we should note that: Our guide on how we run this place is the spectacular view of Parthenon. The cultural team of “Orea Hellas” has the obligation to overcome the difficultness to remain “Orea Hellas” by carrying in it’s heart the history and the tradition of our land. In order to succeed, we are addressing to all our friends and regular customers, who constitute a great democratic modern “church of Dimos”, which gathers and co-decides for the cultural issues of a traditional café and visions to be modern, belonging exclusively to the people.

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